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World Class Products


As Şafak Ambalaj, our main products are Metalized Film, Pearlescent Film (Pearl), OPP Film (Bopp) and CPP Film (Polycast).

Who are we?

Şafak Ambalaj Pazarlama Limited has been serving to producers and consumers in packaging production in Turkey and abroad since 2007. In order to meet the packaging needs of corporate companies without any problems, the satisfaction of our customers has always been our priority. Since we established our company in 2007, we have adopted the principle of continuing our packaging production. Since we believe in continuous innovation, we have developed our service understanding on sectoral success.



According to the customer's needs, the packages are sized and brought into the desired shape.


Material supply

We supply A quality all µ thickness products, process them and present them to our customers.




If lamination is required, lamination is performed in accordance with the printing.

Production Stages



The sized packages are guillotined and processed so that the edges are smooth.


The best quality packages are printed with the 8 Color and 6 Color Drum Printing House.

Cutting and Slicing

The packaging is brought to the desired size in line with the customer's needs and the job in which the packaging will be used.

Why us?

The Right Product

Reasonable price

We perform the necessary technical analysis in line with the customer's usage needs and provide the right product to meet their needs.

We offer the right products at the most affordable and competitive prices in the packaging market with our innovative approach.

International Network

We introduce you to new packaging with packaging professionals and our customers from different geographies.

On Time Delivery

We eliminate the problem of "Delivery on Time", which is frequently experienced in the packaging industry.

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