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Who are we

Şafak Ambalaj Pazarlama Limited has been serving producers and consumers in packaging production in Turkey and abroad since 2007. The satisfaction of our customers has always been our priority in order to meet the packaging needs of corporate companies without any problems. Since we established our company in 2007, we have adopted the principle of continuing our packaging production. Because we believe in continuous innovation, we have developed our service understanding of sectoral success. As Şafak Ambalaj, our main products are Metallized Film, Pearlescent Film (Pearl), OPP Film (Bopp), CPP Film (Polycast), and Stretch Film. We also support our clients; work with our layering and slicing services. We have created a strong and coordinated team to ensure that our production and deliveries arrive on time and to ensure the satisfaction of our customers. We continue to increase our production capacity by increasing our product range in order to provide better service.

Our Vision


Şafak Ambalaj not only brings you what you need but also the best quality at the best prices. Thanks to our many years of experience in the industry, we provide a complete and effective service that will never disappoint our customers. It doesn't matter Whether you are a one-time buyer or a wholesale business, excellent products and exceptional service await you at every stage. 

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